Video Samples  |  Construction

We have created programs for many of the building trades biggest companies. Programs have ranged from product launch to project profile videos.      

These are a few samples of our programs that feature notable projects.     

Port Canaveral Exploration Tower   |  Al Ip GWWO Architects  |  2:50

Project architect Al Ip talks about the unique aspects of the Port Canaveral Exploration Tower. Other team members will walk you through how Firestone Building Products created the unique metal wall panel system for the building.

Who is Nations Roof  |  3:15

This program was designed to introduce Nations Roof to new customers. We visited job sites arcoss the Midwest and East Coast to collect footage of all the roofing systems Nations installs and maintains for their clients.

Frost Museum of Science   |  Architect  |  9:00

Christian Hoeningschmid-Grossich, the architect behind the design of the aquarium building tells the story of working with the Kenpat USA team. Kenpat USA led a team of experts to execute a unique wall system he envisioned for the building.

Frost Museum of Science   |  Kenpat team   |  5:00

Paul Wolmerans of Kenpat USA led a team of experts to execute a unique wall system for the Frost Science Museum's aquarium building.

Korellis Roofing   |  US Gypsum   |  :55

See the facts and figures of the metal roof installation on a building at US Gypsum by Korellis Roofing.

Garland Liquitec  |  social promo  |  5:00

An energetic social post shot with a 360° camera.

A Day in the Life of a Firestone Master Contractor  |   3:15

This program for the 2009 Firestone Master Contractor Event was created from over ten thousand images. Enjoy a fast paced look at a typical day for a Firestone Master Contractor. One of my all-time personal favorites!

If you would like see any other samples, just drop us a note.